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Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney representing individuals charged with crimes in southern Michigan.


Exceptional criminal defense representation.

Mr. Curtis has significant experience representing clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in Jackson, Washtenaw and other counties in southern Michigan.  Mr. Curtis received his training as a criminal defense lawyer through his service at the Washtenaw County Public Defenders office.  Mr. Curtis has taken numerous cases to jury trial and obtained verdicts of not guilty and other favorable outcomes for his clients.  Please contact us today to assist your with your criminal matter.


Felony Representation

A felony criminal charge is a very serious matter.  A felony criminal conviction can have a significant, life-altering and life-long impact on an individual and demands exceptional representation.  In addition to the potential for long-term incarceration, a felony conviction can make it very difficult to get a job, find suitable housing, obtain loans, obtain professional licenses, obtain admission to colleges and have other significant negative impacts.  Mr. Curtis has represented clients in all kinds of felony matters including felony drunk driving, possession of narcotics, delivery of narcotics, firearms offenses, assault offenses, armed robbery, home invasion and other crimes.  Contact us today to discuss retaining Mr. Curtis to represent you.

  • Felony drunk driving
  • Home invasion
  • All drug offenses
  • Firearms charges
  • Armed robbery
  • Felony domestic violence
  • Assault offenses
  • Felony expungement

Misdemeanor Representation

Misdemeanor criminal charges are no laughing matter.  Penalties for misdemeanor offenses range from 90 days of incarceration up to one year.  There are also significant financial penalties especially for drugged or drunk driving offenses.  Most importantly, misdemeanor convictions can effect your ability to get a job, obtain professional licenses, result in driver's license suspension or revocation, negatively effect your credit and have other negative impacts on your life.  Mr. Curtis has represented clients in all kinds of misdemeanor offenses include drunk driving, domestic violence, assault, retail fraud and many other offenses. Contact Mr. Curtis today to discuss retaining him to defense you in your misdemeanor criminal case.

  • All drunk or drugged driving offenses
  • Domestic violence
  • Retail fraud
  • Marijuana possession
  • Assault and battery
  • DNR/fishing/hunting violations
  • Misdemeanor expungement
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