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Reissuance of the K1 Visa

The K1 fiance visa is a single entry visa. This means that the visa may only be used once to enter the U.S. Thus, once a K1 visa holder enters the U.S. using his or her K1 visa he or she may not use it to enter the U.S. again.

In some cases, either because of the K1 visa holders lack of knowledge of the single entry nature of the visa or because other circumstances required the K1 visa holder to depart the U.S.

In these cases, the K1 visa applicant may request that consular officer abroad reissue the K1 visa. However, there is a short time frame in which a consular officer has the authority to reissue a K1 visa. A consular officer may only reissue a K1 fiance visa if the period of validity of the reissued visa does not exceed the 90th day after the date of initial admission of the K1 visa holder on the original K visa. The applicant for re-issuance and the U.S. Citizen petition must also establish, to the satisfaction of the consular officer that the K1 visa holder and the U.S. Citizen petitioner still intend and are free to marry. Additionally, the K1 visa holder's return to the United States and marriage to the petitioner must take place within 90 days from the date of the original admission into the United States in K status.

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